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Venice Beach Festival 2018

The Venice Beach Festival is coming up Saturday, July 28, 2018 in Venice Beach!

This is the first festival event sponsored by PlanetaryJam and features the music of Marky Lennon, Venice Street Legends, LaVonia & Tamlin, and John Luttrell (that's me!).

I'm appearing at the festival for the 2nd year and am really excited to be sharing my music on Venice Beach. It's a bit crazy, a little noisy, kinda crowded, and all kinds of fun. Some really GREAT people watching. FREE ADMISSION!

I go on at noon on Saturday and there will be music and fun all weekend. Hope to see you there!

Here is a quote from the VeniceBeachFestival.com website:

Imagine spending a day on the famous Venice Beach boardwalk! Welcome to our "Venice Vibe" on the beach. Shop our unique vendors, partake of delicious cuisine, and listen to amazing local musicians perform. Please join us for a weekend of fun and festivities featuring vendor booths, live entertainment, fashion trucks, and community booths. It's free!




* Blue Bliss Entertainment * Classy Trashy Glass * Compassion Over Killing *

* Crē•8 Music Academy * Crystal Air/Rainbow * Fr8 Train Music Publishing *

* Funkalicious Fashion * Gemtera * Getaround * Harmonious Healings *

* Infinity from Marvin * John Luttrell * LaVonia and Tamlin * Levi Chen *

* Marky Lennon of the band VENICE with John Vester * MBI Media/Metro *

* Nanopuppet * Nineteen Hydroponics * Perfect Party Planners * Planetary Jam *

* Renewal by Anderson * Rice Balls of Fire Food Truck * Stoned by Heidi *

* Segunda Vintage Bazaar * Tecopa Chill * The Argonaut * The Deli Doctor Food Truck *

* T. Mo'Nique Boutique * T-Mobile * Thriller Studio Tour * Venice Living Magazine *

* Venice Street Legends * Welk Resorts * Westlake Recording Studios *


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