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This project was started in 2017 by Donna Jo "DJ" Thornton, host of The Morning Breeze radio program, and John Luttrell, composer, media producer, and founder of Atmospheric Music

What the heck is PlanetaryJam?

According to DJ, "PlanetaryJam brings together many styles of music via live and on-demand streaming, broadcasts and podcasts, artist interviews, concerts, festivals, and more..."


As you can see, we have big plans for this grassroots venture. We're starting small by linking up with the 25-year tradition of The Morning Breeze. We welcome Morning Breeze listeners, fans, and artists to the new PlanetaryBreeze! Click the link on the menu at the top of the page to visit.


The idea behind PlanetaryJam is to create a platform for independent artists to share new music and other content, to promote upcoming events, and to communicate with their fans. That means that PlanetaryJam is artist-driven. So, this means putting creative tools in the hands of music creators. They can upload links, music, photos, video, and anything that fits on the site and will further their artistic and creative output, reaching new and existing fans. It is the power of community...

The majority of content will be in the form of blog articles. This is the easiest way to create "modular" content that can live on the site and that is easy to link to from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. We use Wix as the web and blog platform.


One key to getting results in web searches is to have your website linked from other sites. PlanetaryJam provides that connection. By creating links in blog articles about your music and linking to your own music website (or Bandcamp page, etc.), you are creating external links to your site, which in turn gets you more targeted results when folks search for you on the web.


The other way that artists, curators, and other creative individuals can collaborate and contribute to PlanetaryJam is to host a radio program. These will appear as links in blog articles, as well as in the radio program repository. We use MixCloud as the repository tool, which is a UK-based company that provides hosting for over 1 million radio hosts and content curators worldwide.


If you are an artist, content curator, or other creative producer and this sounds interesting to you, please use our Contact page to get in touch.


The bottom line? PlanetaryJam is not about making money. It costs nothing to become a collaborator or contributor, except your time. Again, this is a grassroots artist-driven community and not an ad-driven site.


But how does a site like this survive? Good question! The content and events that are promoted on the site can generate revenue for the individual contributor or collaborator. In other words, you promote a new release or concert on PlanetaryJam and it's up to you to generate the revenue by those items or events.


We will eventually have items for sale on the site and will promote PlanetaryJam events, such as concerts, festivals, and retreats that generate their own revenue. Pretty simple, eh?


PlanetaryJam is all about collaboration and community. By creating a content-rich and globally-conscious web portal, we provide a way for you to connect with the community, work with other like-minded creative folks, and expand your sphere of influence and communication.​


This also means that we all benefit from cross-promotion. By collaborating together on PlanetaryJam we can attract the hearts and minds of those who have similar interests and goals. I love telling folks about my own music projects and events. I also love telling folks about the projects and events of others. One of the best ways to help yourself is to help others. pssst, that's the Dream Exchange at work! ;-)


Thanks for visiting PlanetaryJam. We hope you found something of interest and that you'll return to discover more and collaborate, if the vibration moves you! 


​About DJ

Every weekend since 1998, DJ has been hosting The Morning Breeze radio program and so much more. During that time DJ hosted the The Morning Breeze Cruises in partnership with the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, taking listeners young and old out on dolphin- and whale-watching cruises, while Morning Breeze artists bring come along for the ride, often performing out on the open seas, attracting dolphins, whales, and other sea creatures with their music. Along with the cruises, DJ organized the Morning Breeze Schmoozes - annual fund-raising concerts to benefit KSBR and the Ocean Institute.

About John

A long-time Orange County resident and Morning Breeze artist, John Luttrell has collaborated over the years with DJ, KSBR, the Ocean Institute, and other artists to support local music in Orange County. A regular artist on The Morning Breeze and cruises, as well as producer of several of the Morning Breeze Schmooze concerts, and other festivals in the Southern California area, John brings his expertise with media production, web design, and marketing communications to PlanetaryJam.

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